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3LC beta program

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We are on a mission to make data science truly data-centric and empower data scientists with new ways of working. The 3LC platform gives data scientists the tools to train more accurate data models through granular insights that help identify precisely where and how to improve them.
What to expect

Steps from our Beta program

Put our platform through its paces and experience 3LC for yourself. Sign up to create an account for unlimited access. All we ask is that you provide us with feedback to help us stay focused on the right priorities to make 3LC better. Here’s how the program will work:



Sign up to create an account

Go to our login page and create an account by signing in with a Google email account or social media sign-in.

With your account set up, an API key will automatically generate.



pip install 3lc

Copy and paste the API key into your environment to start the installation process. Details can be found in the Quick Start Guide  on our website.
3LC can be started with predefined and illustrative example projects and data.


Analyze your data

Integrate 3LC into your code with the ‘tlc’ python package to gather data and metrics for display in the 3LC Dashboard.

If you are using YOLOv5 or YOLOv8, clone one of our forks on Github for a tailored integration.

Let your model tell you how to improve your data, and restart training without needing to export or rewrite anything.

Provide Honest Feedback

We want to hear about your experience. What worked, what could be improved, and what didn’t you like? Your feedback will shape the future of 3LC. Provide it at any point during the Beta, or via the survey at the end of the period.

Try our Beta Program for Free.

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