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Filtering: Many ways to visualize, slice and reduce data points to find problematic data.
Illuminating the ML black box

Better, Faster, &
Smaller AI Models

Turn-key solution for real-time debugging, diagnosis, and improvement of training data


Use the tlc package to connect 3LC to your code

Powerful visualization tools, collection and analysis of custom metrics, and seamless editing of your dataset can all be unlocked with just 3 Lines of Code.

3LC integrates with your existing ML tools


Leave your data where it is

3LC does not require you to move or upload your data into our service. 3LC works with the data wherever it is.

Dive deeper into your data

Light up the black box and pip install 3lc to gain the clarity you need to make meaningful changes to your models in moments. Remove the guesswork from your model training and iterate fast.
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