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About Us

We are on a mission to illuminate the black box

3LC exists to provide deeper clarity and control to data scientists. Our goal is to transform machine learning from an opaque process into an open and interactive experience focused on providing exceptional outcomes for both individuals and organizations.

We asked ourselves: why wouldn’t you want more accurate models and deep granular insights into the model’s performance? Ultimately, everyone should have the capabilities to explore and interact with data and make meaningful changes in moments. 3LC instills confidence, fixes problems, and guides data scientists and subject matter experts to the right answer more often and at greater speed.”

— Paul Endresen, CEO & CTO

Meet the team

Here are the foundational and leadership teams driving the product evolution and company growth.

Paul Endresen

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technology Officer

Marius Storm-Olsen

Chief Operating Officer

Johan Seland

Managing Director EMEA

Kelly Walker

Chief Architect – US

Thomas Hagen

Chief Architect – EMEA

Per Arne Jensen

Executive Chair

Rebecca McDonald

Head of Product & Client Delivery

Dian He

Lead QA Data Scientist

Terry Tsay

Technical Cloud Leader

Ola Nilsson

Chief Software Developer

Jorgen Lind

Chief Software Developer

Gudbrand Tandberg

Senior Software Engineer

Markus Rognlien

AI Engineer

Frederik Mellbye

AI Engineer

Savelii Novikov

Software Engineer

Rupal Dangi

Senior Test Engineer

Our latest thinking and insights

Explore industry research, blog posts, explainer videos and more which showcase the power, versatility and granular control of 3LC.

Dive into data deeper than ever before

Light up the black box and pip install 3lc to gain the clarity you need to make meaningful changes to your models in moments. Remove the guesswork from your model training and iterate fast.