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  • 3LC News Desk

3LC Inc secures $1.8 Million funding

3LC Inc Secures $1.8 Million in seed funding to revolutionize how machine learning models are trained.

  • Frederik Mellbye

3LC Changed How I Perceive Data Science

After facing redundancy at the start of 2023, Frederik considered his options when looking for a new Data Science job. Looking to work on something cutting-edge and deliver meaningful work, he found 3LC. This is his story and why he picked 3LC.

  • Dian He

Streamlined Workflows
with 3LC

Traditional and common Machine Learning workflows are in need of an overhaul. With no visibility into what’s going wrong, indication of what to fix, and months invested for marginal gains, we need a better approach. Introducing 3LC.

  • Marius Storm-Olsen

Light up the Black Box

When it comes to Data Science, everything depends on the quality of the data. 3LC enables you to correct the data in-place (without impacting the source), and affords you super fine-grained insights other tools can’t to make changes and retrain really fast. Why wouldn’t you want to iterate and train the same day?

  • Paul Endresen

Data Scientist’s Secret Weapon

3LC gives data scientists a chance to do REAL data science and work with the data directly inside the platform. No more graph plotting, no more coding, no more months of trial and error to find the problem. Why wouldn’t you work this way?

  • Marius Storm-Olsen

Transforming Car Rentals with AI

Wenn ASA and 3LC have collaborated to revolutionize the car rental industry by integrating Wenn’s state-of-the-art AI damage detection system with 3LC’s revolutionary data debugger. By utilizing 3LC’s data-centric process, Wenn was able to improve the accuracy of its AI damage detection system, reducing false positives, and increasing true positive accuracy, enhancing the trust and reliability in the AI damage detection process.

  • Paul Endresen

Introducing 3LC

A game-changer in machine learning, offering real-time, data-centric iterations for model training and data quality. It’s a unique debugger focusing on nuances of how models learn from your data. 3LC users can delve into model performance beyond labeling errors, exploring aspects like non-trivial False Positives, embedding space movements, and interactive metrics analysis. 3LC enables data scientists to make informed decisions, enhancing model accuracy and performance.

Dive Deeper into your Data

Light up the black box and pip install 3lc to gain the clarity you need to make meaningful changes to your models in moments. Remove the guesswork from your model training and iterate fast.