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Light up the Black Box

When it comes to Data Science, everything depends on the quality of the data. 3LC enables you to correct the data in-place (without impacting the source), and affords you super fine-grained insights other tools can’t to make changes and retrain really fast. Why wouldn’t you want to iterate and train the same day?

How 3LC helps you light up the black box and iterate on your data fast

Forget what you think you know about data. Throw out the assumptions. The way you’ve been working with it is wrong.

More data doesn’t necessarily mean better results.

Think about it; if you’re burying outliers and interesting points of difference in more (let’s face it, probably bad) data you’re not getting better results. You’re getting a better average, nothing more.

To use an old analogy, you are looking for the needle in the haystack. More hay doesn’t make it easier to find.

Checking small batches (k-fold cross-validation) of different haystacks is extremely time-consuming and doesn’t make it easier to find all problems. If you do find something it’s more luck than judgment.

Finally, tweaking the model to work around bad data doesn’t help either. You’re wasting time working on the wrong things.

What you need is a way to quickly and clearly separate the needle from the hay. But to do it while you’re working on the data, not months down the road.

This is what 3LC does. It gives you the tools and level of detail you need to find the needles, improve the combine and make better decisions.

Let’s look at why our new product is going to make everyone data-centric and why that’s a good thing.

Everything is about the quality of the data

You can work on your model for months, believe you’ve got it all figured out, run your tests and still be inaccurate. It’s infuriating, isn’t it?

Those months of investment and sunk resources are hard to stomach when you don’t see the results you’re expecting.

The process kills time, momentum, energy, morale, thought processes and sucks in too many people to deliver too little an improvement.

There is a better way.

At 3LC we believe that Data Scientists should be focused on the science part:

  • How do we make things better?
  • How do we improve our data sources?
  • How do we get our accuracy and predictions better?
  • And how can we improve the way we do things faster?

In the end, shouldn’t it always be about the outputs and outcomes? Isn’t the best way to get to those outcomes and outputs faster to empower your experts working directly with the data?

And if you can do that while iterating data quickly and identifying issues in moments, not months, isn’t that what we all want?

3LC can help you do that. We help you render your data in beautiful and easily understandable visualizations which you can interact with and manipulate your data in real time.

Our platform helps you quickly identify outliers and toggle them on and off to see their impact to the outputs and your accuracy in seconds.

Ignore or add weight to certain pieces of information and iterate immediately. This is the future of Data Science. This is 3LC.


Work on your data faster AND smarter

Machine Learning and Data Science are largely experimental endeavors at present.

Everyone recognises their value and importance. Everyone knows managing vast amounts of data is critical.

But it’s a heavy lift with often no clear and obvious path to results. We need a way to work smarter.

Whether it’s identifying early symptoms of cancer, spotting birds nests in power lines, or investigating structural rigidity in buildings – spotting things fast and accurately matters.

Every percentage point of improvement is worth the effort for the impact it will have over time. Each marginal increase in model performance correlates with significant business value – whatever you’re doing.

The problem is that today’s tools and even some practices, won’t get us there.

3LC is helping to eliminate swathes of problems from ML workflows, but most importantly it’s helping people move way faster by minimizing manual work.

Our tool helps you operate on the data in-place:

There is no need for multiple tools
There is no need for multiple datasets and complex version control
There is no need to download data to reupload somewhere else

We correct the data in-place without impacting the source, and provide an audit trail for easy rollback and checking the history of the data. And on top of all of that we give super fine-grained insights other tools can’t.


Elevate your data accuracy to make informed decisions

Making judgements or decisions based on inaccurate data can be fraught with risk and even end in catastrophic results.

Trust, accuracy, and a belief in the data and the model is therefore paramount.

The problem with other tools is that they can’t give you the reasons why something has gone awry or where precisely things are being skewed.

Their AI tools are often pre-canned ‘black boxes’ and impenetrable algorithms, without any ability to affect the results specifically to your needs – and they often don’t tell you how they work either.

3LC distinguishes itself by providing a distinctive, real-time data-centric workflow. It positions your model at the core, offering deep insights into how the data affects your model’s performance.

There’s no mystery or secrecy, just great accuracy and understanding on the results. Now you can make informed decisions and even get interactive to play around and explore further.


Join our Beta launch program and put 3LC to the test

We already have customers using our product but we want to see how it performs when thousands of people are interacting with it. We want to see what it can really do.

Have you got a dataset or project you’re working on that you want to trial 3LC?

Are you an ML Ops / Developer or Data Scientist curious about the potential of this revolutionary and liberating tool?

Sign up to see how 3LC can help you move faster with greater accuracy →


Dive deeper into your data

Light up the black box and pip install 3lc to gain the clarity you need to make meaningful changes to your models in moments. Remove the guesswork from your model training and iterate fast.
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